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We’re introducing a better way to practice law, and a smarter way to do business.

It happens to many professionals: you study and excel in your area of expertise. But when you open your own company, you encounter a whole realm of business, legal and financial disciplines that you’re not prepared to handle alone. The law firm of ByrdAdatto was formed for one simple reason: to help business and health care professionals navigate the complicated maze of business and health care legal issues that come with owning a successful business. You take care of business. We take care of you.

Michael S. Byrd


As the son of a doctor and entrepreneur, Michael S. Byrd has a personal connection to both business and medicine.…

Jay D. Reyero


Jay D. Reyero grew up playing team sports and sees himself as an integral part of his client's team when they engage him. …

Bradford E. Adatto


Bradford E. Adatto decided to become a lawyer during sixth-grade Career Day, when he promised to represent his best friend, a future doctor. …

James M. Stanford


From transitions, mergers, and acquisitions to structuring complex ownership arrangements, James M. Stanford enjoys the personal reward that comes from bringing parties together and making deals happen.…

Robert J. Fisher


Robert J. Fisher’s passion for healthcare traces back to his high school days of shadowing doctors.…

Alex R. Thiersch


Alex R. Thiersch’s entrepreneurial spirit has helped him create his own path in business and health care. …

Samuel E. Pondrom


As the youngest of three brothers, Sam Pondrom learned early on how to work effectively as part of a team.…

Renee E. Coover


A trained opera singer, Renee E. Coover has always been an excellent oral communicator. …

Courtney P. Clay


As the daughter of a periodontist, Courtney P. Clay has been fascinated by the healthcare field since childhood.…