Brad Adatto Jumps Out of Airplane with Birds Eye View Alpha Bomb Squad!

Renee E. Coover | 9.21.17

Skydive Jump

Typically on the third Wednesday of each month, Brad Adatto is suited up for the Dallas Bar Association’s Health Law Section lunch meeting.  But yesterday Brad suited up in a jumpsuit and parachute to jump out of a perfectly good plane to help raise awareness for our country’s Veterans and First-Responders.


For years Brad has been extremely active with Carry The Load, which is how he learned about Birds Eye View Bomb Squad. Each member of the Bomb Squad is a Patriot who  commits to raising at least $10,000 in support of Veterans and First-Responders in the Bird’s Eye View Project. On Wednesday, Brad joined the BEVP Alpha Bomb Squad for a tandem sky-dive in honor of those who have served our country so well.


Although Brad has never before jumped out of a plane, the needs of our Veterans and First-Responders are so great, that he wanted to use this extreme act to draw attention to this worthy cause.


Skydive After