Happy Fathers’ Day!

Samuel E. Pondrom | 6.16.17

In honor of dads everywhere, we at ByrdAdatto would like to wish you a Happy Fathers’ Day and express a special thank you to our own fathers and those in our families.


Brad Adatto TK Lalangas
Kenneth N. Adatto, MD Gavin Minnis
John Armstrong Carlos Navarro
Paul Bell Dan Reyero
Derek Bonesteel Jay Reyero
Michael Byrd Kevin Shipley
Steve Byrd Bill Stanford
Mike Cortese Jim Stanford
Richard Driscoll Steve Sullins
John Gibbs Dann Gire
Jeff Fisher John Bunten
Paul Peters, MD Phil Coover
Joe Pondrom Sam Pondrom
Paul Thomasson Mac Starnes


Thank you and we love you!