First Look: Medical Spa Statistics to be revealed at the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Conference

Alex R. Thiersch | 6.2.17


How do medical spas in the U.S. stack up with regard to some of the top regulatory issues in the industry? That information and more will be revealed in the 2017 Medical Spa Industry Report from the American Med Spa Association. The Report delves into:


  • ownership splits in medical spas;
  • whether and how often a physician is on-site;
  • whether spas provide initial medical exams;
  • if spas pay commissions on medical treatments; and
  • specifics on medical spa business, staffing, and operations.


Attendees of the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery conference next week will get a first look at the Report courtesy of Modern Aesthetics Magazine. The magazine will be distributing MedSpa Confidential: An Inside Look at the Booming MedSpa Industry at the show, which examines several key statistics from the Report. This early look, based on AmSpa data, also includes an article from Michael Byrd and Brad Adatto which breaks down the key legal issues facing medical spas today.


The full Report will be available June 19 at and will include a breakdown of the most pressing regulatory concerns in the medical spa industry, in addition to a wealth of industry data.