Seventh Circuit Affirms 13-Year Sentence for Man Who Posed as Psychiatrist

Renee E. Coover | 5.14.18


In an era of physician shortages, it is crucial to do your homework before paying a visit to the doctor. In a recent opinion from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, a jury sentenced Scott Redman to 13 years in prison for treating mentally ill patients and prescribing controlled substances using a fake identity. Redman was found guilty of wire fraud, aggravated identity theft, furnishing false and fraudulent material information in documents required under the federal drug laws, and distributing controlled substances. From September 2015 until his arrest in February 2016, Redman posed as a psychiatrist at a Chicago medical clinic by using the name and license number of Dr. Julian Lopez Garcia. During his employment, Redman “treated” patients with a combination of therapy and controlled substances.

He even went so far as to create a substantial amount of paperwork, including fake diplomas, fake resumes, and fake licenses, and made government filings in order to further and conceal his elaborate scheme to treat patients without a license.

This incredible example of betrayal teaches an important lesson to healthcare patients – know your provider.  You can search for information about healthcare providers on state licensing board websites.

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