Spotlight: Alex Thiersch

Robert J. Fisher | 5.5.17

Spotlight Alex

Alex Thiersch is as busy as ever in 2017 as he continues to grow both the American Med Spa Association (“AmSpa”) and his ByrdAdatto legal practice.


Alex has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Since founding AmSpa in 2013, he has worked tirelessly to grow it into the advisory powerhouse it is today. The AmSpa “boot camps” Alex leads provide insight into the organizational and regulatory rules of medical spas (“medspas”). These boot camps continue to grow in popularity with a total of 8 that will be held in 2017 all over the country.


Alex has brought his work ethic and years of legal expertise to ByrdAdatto and he has been a great addition to the firm’s experienced regulatory compliance section. He also recently gained first-hand practical knowledge of the procedures he speaks about, such as Botox and facials, by participating in demonstrations for “educational research.” (see here for Alex’s first hydra facial). Alex loves representing aesthetic practices and still smiles when he thinks back to graduating from law school 16 years ago. “I started out thinking I’d be in a courtroom saying, “you can’t handle the truth” and now I am in front of an audience talking about vaginal rejuvenation. It is interesting how life works out.”


When not on the speaking circuit or managing the ByrdAdatto Chicago office, Alex enjoys spending time with his wife and pets, as well as supporting the Chicago Cubs. He hopes to be attending another victory parade in 2017.