123’s of the Good Faith Exam

There are two points that we can never reiterate enough regarding MedSpas: (1) they are medical practices and (2) many of the services they render are considered the practice of medicine. Accordingly, it is a crucial first step for MedSpas to establish the physician-patient relationship and ensure that a MedSpa patient is a good candidate […]

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What Do the Forest Park Verdicts Mean for Health Care Compliance in Texas?

After years of anticipation, seven guilty verdicts in the Forest Park Medical Center criminal trial (in addition to the 10 pre-trial guilty pleas) have reshaped the health care landscape in Texas, and the nation is watching. While the exact fallout from the stunning conclusion will take some time to play out (appeals will be filed), […]

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123’s of Anti-Aging Treatments

“Alternative medicine,” “wellness treatments,” or “anti-aging procedures” all have one element in common: each has treatments and procedures that fall within the practice of medicine. Most state’s statutory definition of “practice of medicine” includes any diagnosis, treatment, or offer to treat a physical disease, disorder, deformity, or injury by any system or method. Further, anytime […]

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123’s of MSAs

Performance of a car may be best measured by the engine, not the outer workings. A computer monitor or program does not deliver performance for a computer – that is found in the hardware.  One must dig beneath the surface to find the source of performance. The same may be said about the management services […]

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What Texas Senate Bill 2366 Means for the MedSpa Industry

As many in the MedSpa industry are aware, Texas Senate Bill 2366 (“SB 2366”) was introduced earlier this month in the current legislative session. Almost instantaneously, it sent shockwaves through the medical community when it was filed by Senator Brian Hughes of District 1 on March 8th. For context, the 86th Texas legislative session began […]

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Challenges of Private Equity-Backed Health Care

Over the last several years, private equity activity progressively made its entrance into the market of dental support and management service organizations. Now, the trend has made its way into the practice of dermatology, and the field is divided over the rise of private equity—not only in dermatology—but in other areas of medicine as well, […]

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