As a neurosurgeon turned serial entrepreneur, Jeffrey J. Segal has literally been in both business and medicine. Jeff was a neurosurgeon in private practice before beginning the second phase of his career as a serial entrepreneur in the healthcare field.  Jeff then founded or co-founded four separate healthcare startups.  Jeff lives and breathes healthcare and understands it viscerally.

Jeff was perfectly happy practicing as a neurosurgeon. In 1996, his wife gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. His son, Josh, was diagnosed at age 3 with autism and epilepsy. Jeff took a year off to focus on Josh, intending to go back to practicing neurosurgery. In that year, Jeff became convinced that a certain pharmaceutical compound might help Josh. That compound was sitting on a shelf at the University of North Carolina. Jeff approached the scientists who created this drug. Collectively, they founded a biotechnology company to move their compounds from “bench to bed.” Jeff never went back to the practice of neurosurgery. Jeff’s son is now 22 and has improved by leaps and bounds. Jeff never misses the opportunity when sharing this powerful story to give a shout out to his wife, Shelley, and Josh’s twin, Jordan, who have been great “partners” for this unexpected ride in life.

Jeff then founded Medical Justice which touched on so many medico-legal issues. While Jeff was working with many talented attorneys, it became clear that better understanding the law and becoming an attorney would allow him to be more effective in running Medical Justice. Jeff’s philosophy is simple – solve a client’s problem. Law is just one tool in the toolkit to achieve this goal. It’s easy to tell a client they can’t do something. The hard work is crafting a solution that will work from both a business and legal vantage point. It does not mean there is always a viable legal construct. But the first step is understanding what goal the client is trying to advance. Law is about solving problems.

Jeff also runs eMerit, which helps doctors control their online reputation by collecting and uploading patient feedback.  While Jeff remains busy running Medical Justice and eMerit, Jeff needed a home for his law practice.  Clients of ByrdAdatto, Medical Justice and eMerit now have, using Jeff’s words, more tools in the toolkit. Outside of work, Jeff loves being outdoors.  He is an avid road cyclist, scuba diver, and climber.  He also enjoys reading history and spending time with his wife and children.


Concord Law School, J.D., 2005-2009

University of South Florida, Spinal Surgery Fellowship, 1990-1991

Baylor College of Medicine, Neurosurgical Residency, 1985-1990

Baylor College of Medicine, General Surgical Internship, 1984-1985

Baylor College of Medicine, MD, 1984

University of Texas, B.A., 1980



California State Bar

Phi Beta Kappa


AOA Medical Honor Society
Law School Highest Honors



American Association of Neurological Surgeons, Fellow

American College Legal Medicine, Fellow

American College of Surgeons, Fellow

North American Spine Society

Board Certified, Neurological Surgery

AMA, North Carolina Medical Society



Speaker, Online Reputation Management, Advances in Rhinoplasty Conference, Orlando, Florida



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