Alert: BAntering with ByrdAdatto (Episode 52- COVID-19 Testing)

In this episode, ByrdAdatto Partners Michael Byrd and Brad Adatto are joined by Jeff Segal, MD and Partner of ByrdAdatto. As states, cities, businesses, and healthcare practices begin to reopen, many owners are concerned with how to safely conduct staff coming back to work and allowing customers and patients to reenter facilities. The partners discuss […]

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Alert: Bantering with ByrdAdatto (Episode 51- Reopening San Francisco – Elective Surgery)

In this episode, ByrdAdatto Partners Michael Byrd and Brad Adatto discuss the city of San Francisco reopening. As many cities and states are starting to allow elective medical practices to reopen, it is in the best interest of a business to understand compliance, patient and staff health and safety protocols, as well as what is […]

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Alert: BAntering with ByrdAdatto (Episode 50- Carry The Load and Memorial Day)

In this episode, ByrdAdatto partners Brad Adatto, Michael Byrd, and Jim Stanford, former Sergeant in U.S. Army Intelligence, discuss with veterans and first responders the true meaning of Memorial Day.  This Memorial Day may look different than most as celebrations will be smaller with social distancing. Join us in remembering not only of sacrifice and […]

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Alert: BAntering with ByrdAdatto (Episode 49- Coronavirus Employment Lawsuits)

In this episode, ByrdAdatto is joined by Partner Renee Coover. As businesses begin to reopen, lawsuits and litigation suits surrounding employment are being filed. It is important that as you reopen, rehire, or add new and/or existing employees that employee contracts are up-to-date and that employees understand any additions or amendments to their contract. Attorneys […]

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FDA Import Regulations Loosened for Personal Protective Equipment, Not Botox

A glaring byproduct of the pandemic has been the national shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE). Pandemic headlines run concurrent to those lamenting the lack of PPE for those on the frontline. The emerging celebrity in all the hype is the now famous N95 mask. Unfortunately, the demand outweighs the stockpile. In response to the […]

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Alert: BAntering with ByrdAdatto (Episode 48- Reopening New York for Elective Medicine)

In this episode, ByrdAdatto is joined by special guest ByrdAdatto Attorney, Patrick O’Brien. As states continue to reopen and allow businesses, including healthcare practices, to reopen, medical providers are still having some questions about what is considered elective or essential. Attorneys Brad Adatto and Michael Byrd speak with Patrick about elective medical procedures in New […]

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