123’s of Anti-Aging Treatments

“Alternative medicine,” “wellness treatments,” or “anti-aging procedures” all have one element in common: each has treatments and procedures that fall within the practice of medicine. Most state’s statutory definition of “practice of medicine” includes any diagnosis, treatment, or offer to treat a physical disease, disorder, deformity, or injury by any system or method. Further, anytime […]

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Alex Thiersch and Renee Coover Speak at the AmSpa Boot Camp in Chicago, Illinois

Alex R. Thiersch and Renee E. Coover will present at the AmSpa Boot Camp in Chicago, Illinois on May 4 –5, 2019. The Boot Camp covers important legal considerations anyone opening or running a medical spa should understand. The legal presentation, entitled “The Law,” will cover topics including an overview of regional rules and regulations […]

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ByrdAdatto would like to wish you and yours a Happy Valentine’s Day! When celebrating this day, we hope you enjoy those around you, some delicious chocolates, and beautiful flowers – but not necessarily in that order.

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123’s of Medical Entrepreneurs

1, 2, 3 of Medical Entrepreneurs A recent article published by Vox, noted the growing number of physicians that are recommending their patients improve their health via CrossFit. Based on the article, CrossFit’s Founder and CEO Greg Glassman is actively recruiting physicians, through networking events, lectures, and CrossFit training courses, to open more CrossFit gyms […]

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5 Key Details Every Plastic Surgeon Should Know About Their Employment Agreement

5 Key Details Every Plastic Surgeon Should Know About Their Employment Agreement The biggest concern that every young plastic surgeon typically has with their first employment agreement is compensation. Although this can be driving force on whether you decide to enter into the arrangement, it should not be the only driving force.  Most plastic surgeons […]

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123’s of Coolsculpting

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a veteran business owner, you know that business tends to run hot and cold. But does it really matter that business is hot when lifestyle preferences are cooling down? Literally. Coolsculpting is the growing phenomenon that is shifting a culture that was once obsessed with burning fat to freezing it. […]

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