Alert: COVID-19 Tips by ByrdAdatto (Episode 13- ByrdAdatto Speaks with Robin Pou About Leadership During COVID-19)

In this episode, ByrdAdatto had the honor of speaking with Robin Pou, an executive advisor for leaders across the nation. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change businesses and lives, Robin gives direction on three key strategies that leaders can use during times of uncertainty. How businesses adapt to the current environment and how leaders […]

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Pandemic, Elective Surgical Care , and Informed Consent

As I write this, we are reading in the news about potential quarantines and lockdowns. In addition, there‚Äôs talk about canceling all elective surgical cases, leaving hospital operating rooms empty so beds will be available to take care of those affected by COVID-19.   Have all elective cases been canceled across the US? Well, no. […]

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123s of Corporations

History The corporation is one of the oldest types of business models and is likely the most common entity type that comes to mind when thinking of a business. The concept of a corporation was first developed under Roman law and adopted by England in the early 17th century as a distinct legal entity. Corporations […]

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123s of Naturopathic Medicine

Medical consumers are becoming more and more discerning when it comes to seeking health care. Healthier lifestyles, a growing distrust of pharmaceuticals and an opioid crisis, have many seeking treatment outside of traditional medicine. Naturopathic medicine, or naturopathy, is one alternative. Rather than treating and diagnosing individual symptoms, naturopathy aims to treat the whole patient, […]

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Alert: Updates on the Texas Botox Arrests

At the end of 2018, ByrdAdatto wrote several articles on the Texas Botox arrests that resulted in four different medical spa providers being led away in handcuffs or turning themselves into police. These arrests sent shockwaves through the MedSpa community as it marked an aggressive change in enforcement.   However, since that time, three of […]

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123s of Employment Policies for Your Business

Policies are to employees of a business what rules are to the players of a game. Employment policies act as a framework for how a business is managed and employees are expected to conduct themselves at work, and at the same time, these policies protect the business and reduce the risk of liability. For anyone […]

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