BAntering with ByrdAdatto (Episode 65- Steps to Building Your Exit Plan- Fixer-Upper Plan)

In this episode of BAntering with ByrdAdatto, Partners Brad Adatto and Michael Byrd discuss four plans that physicians commonly use when preparing to leave a practice or retire. This video builds on the mini-series on developing your exit strategy for physicians. Typically, we focus on four plans a physician should consider.  This first plan is […]

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BAntering with ByrdAdatto (Episode 64- Steps to Building Your Exit Plan – Pinpoint Late Career and Retirement Goals)

In this episode, ByrdAdatto Partners Michael Byrd and Brad Adatto discuss the three steps to developing your exit plan, with a concentration on pinpointing late career and retirement goals. This episode is built around conducting a self-evaluation of how you want to spend your remaining years in practice. Brad and Michael share valuable tips on […]

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BAntering with ByrdAdatto (Episode 63: Tune in to Season One of the Legal 123s with ByrdAdatto on July 1)

In this episode, Michael Byrd and Brad Adatto share the exciting news of the season one release for the Legal 123s with ByrdAdatto podcast! Tune in on July 1 as season one is released starting with part one of a special two part series. This season will include interviews with ByrdAdatto partners and the founder […]

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Navigating the Job Market with the #SurgeonAgent

ByrdAdatto is grateful to have this article contribution from guest author, Matthew Vuckovich, Founder of Exclusive Medical Advisors. This article does not express the opinions of ByrdAdatto and should not be construed as legal advice. If you have any questions regarding the article, please contact Matthew directly.   As the #SurgeonAgent, I work with plastic, […]

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Alert: Bantering with ByrdAdatto (Episode 60- Telecommuting and the Impact of State Registration Employees due to COVID-19)

In this episode, ByrdAdatto Partners Michael Byrd and Brad Adatto are joined by ByrdAdatto Associate, Robert Fisher. In this video Robert shares how with more people working from home or telecommuting, employers need to understand where their employees are physically located.  Depending on their location may actually impact where the company is doing business.  As […]

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123s of Paying Commissions in a Med Spa

As you join the ranks of businesses that are re-opening across the country, you may be reconsidering how to compensate your employees in this post-pandemic environment. It is essential to keep in mind that every state still expects medical practices to compensate employees in compliance with state rules and regulations.  And when it comes to […]

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