BAntering with ByrdAdatto (Episode 63: Tune in to Season One of the Legal 123s with ByrdAdatto on July 1)

In this episode, Michael Byrd and Brad Adatto share the exciting news of the season one release for the Legal 123s with ByrdAdatto podcast! Tune in on July 1 as season one is released starting with part one of a special two part series. This season will include interviews with ByrdAdatto partners and the founder […]

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Alert: COVID-19 Tips by ByrdAdatto (Episode 10 – Bank Lending and CARES Act)

With temporary shutdowns of small businesses because of COVID-19 on the rise, many are turning to their banking lenders for loans and lines of credit. Attorneys Michael Byrd, Brad Adatto, and Jim Stanford share insight as to how businesses can succeed in steps to secure SBA loans under the new Stimulus Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and […]

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Alert: COVID-19 Tips by ByrdAdatto (Episode 9- Finance and CARES Act with Skytale)

COVID-19 is requiring all business to conserve cash.  What other options does a business have to receive working capital?  Jessica Nunn of The Skytale Group joins Michael Byrd and Brad Adatto as she discusses best practices for financial planning with the use of lines of credit and SBA loans with the new the Stimulus Coronavirus […]

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Alert: COVID-19 Tips by ByrdAdatto (Episode 8- Cash Flow Management)

The most important business consideration is your cash flow.  Even when economic times are good, you need to spend time managing your cash flow.  Now more than ever with the COVID-19 crisis, understanding the flow of funds within a business is essential to staying open. Attorneys Brad Adatto, Michael Byrd, and Jay Reyero discuss what […]

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123s of Embezzlement Prevention

As a business owner who has put their life and blood into building something special, discovering an embezzlement scheme can feel like an upper cut thrown in a heavyweight fight. It is a personal attack that can leave you dazed by such a breach of trust and violation of personal security. Making matters worse, it […]

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MedSpa Slammed with Class Action Lawsuit for Violating TCPA

  Medspa Slammed with Class Action Lawsuit for Violating TCPA. Ever heard of TCPA? Most people haven’t. It stands for Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, and it’s the second most frequent federal lawsuit after employment law claims. Now, a MedSpa is on the receiving end. Simply put, it’s a cash cow for plaintiff’s attorneys. […]

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