123s of Embezzlement Prevention

As a business owner who has put their life and blood into building something special, discovering an embezzlement scheme can feel like an upper cut thrown in a heavyweight fight. It is a personal attack that can leave you dazed by such a breach of trust and violation of personal security. Making matters worse, it […]

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MedSpa Slammed with Class Action Lawsuit for Violating TCPA

  Medspa Slammed with Class Action Lawsuit for Violating TCPA. Ever heard of TCPA? Most people haven’t. It stands for Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, and it’s the second most frequent federal lawsuit after employment law claims. Now, a MedSpa is on the receiving end. Simply put, it’s a cash cow for plaintiff’s attorneys. […]

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A Litigator’s Perspective of Physician Non-Competes – The Dos and Don’ts

A Litigator’s Perspective of Physician Non-Competes – The Dos and Don’ts ByrdAdatto has written many articles on physicians entering into non-compete agreements with their employers. In these agreements, physicians are customarily restricted from practicing medicine in a defined territory surrounding the employer for a set amount of time after termination of the employment relationship. However, […]

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123’s of Physician Separations

The breakup of a medical practice (or “doctor divorce”) is a common occurrence. Whether the breakup or departure of the physicians is voluntary or involuntary, the result is the same; economic impact on the practice.   If the practice did not address the separation process in its employment agreements or governing documents, then what is […]

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123’s of The Role of a Business Lawyer in a Divorce

Approximately 15 years ago I found myself accidentally involved as co-counsel in a high stakes divorce. My client, who owned his own business, went through a divorce and requested my help to find divorce counsel. I initially assisted in providing corporate information and playing a minor support role. However, my involvement escalated because our client’s […]

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Brad Adatto Speaks at State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting 2017

On June 22, 2017, Brad Adatto spoke at the State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas, on a panel with Elisaveta Dolghih from Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP. This session focused on how to navigate important business and intellectual property issues in the family law setting. Specifically, Brad provided an overview of […]

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