Alert: COVID-19 Tips By ByrdAdatto

Michael S. Byrd | 3.17.20

During times of uncertainty, especially within a business, it is important to stay up-to-date on developments that impact your healthcare practice and business. ByrdAdatto has developed a toolkit that will be released to our Access+ members. Watch the video below to learn more about the necessary items you will need in place to protect your business, employees, patients, and community during this outbreak. Attorneys Brad Adatto and Michael Byrd will be giving insights as to the considerations and liabilities of running a business during this crises.

At ByrdAdatto we are working hard to ensure our clients are well equipped and ready for what is to come. Should you have questions about whether your business or health care practice is prepared for COVID-19, reach out to or call 214-291-3200.


We are grateful for Christie Hutchinson and team at QCC Healthcare Consultants for working with ByrdAdatto as we release a toolkit to Access+ clients to be utilized during this outbreak.


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