Brad Adatto and Michael Byrd

BAntering with ByrdAdatto (Episode 68- Steps to Building Your Exit Plan- Sensei Plan)

Bradford E. Adatto | 7.22.20

In this episode of BAntering with ByrdAdatto, Partners Brad Adatto and Michael Byrd discuss one of the four common plans physicians use when preparing to leave a practice or retire – the Sensei Plan. In this plan, a physician brings on an associate and trains them to eventually run the practice. Physicians using this plan should use “The Four C’s” to set the correct expectations before bringing someone on.



This video builds on the mini-series on developing an exit strategy as a physician. Typically, we focus on four plans and the first plan discussed was the Fixer-Upper Plan. Stay tuned to find out more about the next plan by subscribing to our ByrdAdatto YouTube channel.


At ByrdAdatto we are working hard to ensure our clients are well equipped and ready for operating your business. Should you have questions about whether your business or health care practice is prepared, reach out to or call 214-291-3200.


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