Introducing the ByrdAdatto Speaking Page

Michael S. Byrd | 7.10.18



I hid my growing fear of public speaking throughout college and law school. My strategy was simple – I avoided public speaking at all costs. As I sat at a conference table on my first day in private practice waiting to introduce myself to a room of 50 people or so, my secret was at risk. My shake voice betrayed the secret as I simply shared my background with a group of new colleagues. Little did I know, this moment would shape my career.

Initially, my strategy to overcome my fear was to be more prepared than anyone in the room.  Over time, each successful speaking experience allowed me to become comfortable and even enjoy public speaking.  When my partners and I started to build our business and healthcare practice, we soon identified speaking to lawyers, accountants, and doctors as a great forum to introduce our expertise.

Today public speaking is foundational to ByrdAdatto.  Public speaking embodies the ByrdAdatto core values – communicate, compete, and create. We use our speaking engagements to convey our expertise. Many of us have overcome personal obstacles to become comfortable on the podium, and we have been able to use public speaking opportunities as a unique vehicle for building new relationships.

We are excited to introduce the ByrdAdatto Speaking Page. The page lists representative topics, our calendar of upcoming speeches, and our recent speeches.  If you do not see a topic you are seeking on our list, we routinely create new speeches or customize topics to our audience.

If you’re interested in learning more about our speaking, please visit the ByrdAdatto speaking page or contact us at