Jay Reyero and Sam Pondrom spoke to the health law section of the Dallas Bar Association

Bradford E. Adatto | 9.18.19

For the second year in a row, Jay Reyero and Sam Pondrom wowed the health law section of the Dallas Bar Association on their deep knowledge of hot topics in the business of medicine and dentistry.  Jay and Sam spoke on September 18, 2019, to a packed room on hot topics that health care attorneys are facing given the exploding aesthetic industry.  Jay and Sam talked about the most common issues faced including the practice of medicine, scope of practice, and supervision and delegation, while presenting on personal experiences with these topics in representing doctors and dentists, and the business people working with doctors and dentists.

For more information on the issues encountered given the exploding aesthetic industry, please schedule a consult at info@byrdadatto.com.


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