Michael Byrd and Alex Thiersch to present on legal and business issues affecting MedSpas and aesthetic practices at The Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Renee E. Coover | 6.27.19

On Saturday, July 13, 2019, partners Michael Byrd and Alex Thiersch will be presenting at The Aesthetic Show at the Wynn in Las Vegas. Michael and Alex will have a panel discussion on business and legal matters relating to aesthetic practices. Michael will address how to choose the right corporate entity (S-Corp, LLC, etc) for an aesthetic practice in his talk titled, “Which Corporate Entity (S-Corp, LLC, etc.) Should I Choose for My Aesthetic Practice?


Alex will then present on the issues of supervision and delegation of medical services in his talk titled, “Who Can do What: An Overview of Roles and Responsibilities in a Medspa from a Legal Standpoint.”


If you are unable to attend The Aesthetic Show but have questions on legal and regulatory issues involving physicians, please schedule a consult at info@byrdadatto.com.


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