Alert: Illinois Adopts Final Rules For Full Practice Authority for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

In 2017, the State of Illinois passed legislation which allowed Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (“NP”) to apply for full practice authority, effective January 1, 2018. Conceptually, this would allow a NP to own a medical practice. Unfortunately for the NP community, many sleepless nights passed before the State finally released the administrative rules on the […]

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Expansion Announcement – ByrdAdatto

With a heavy hand and strong back, we are knocking down more walls.  We are excited to announce the expansion of our office space, which will almost double in size.  With fingers crossed, we will be in the new space by mid-July.  The additional space will feature a total of eight new attorney offices, six […]

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Happy Fourth of July!!

ByrdAdatto would like to wish everyone a very happy and patriotic Fourth of July! As every red-blooded American knows, Independence Day marks the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. But what you may not know is that only two Founding Fathers, John Hancock and Charles Thomson, signed the Declaration of Independence […]

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123’s of Anti-Aging Treatments

“Alternative medicine,” “wellness treatments,” or “anti-aging procedures” all have one element in common: each has treatments and procedures that fall within the practice of medicine. Most state’s statutory definition of “practice of medicine” includes any diagnosis, treatment, or offer to treat a physical disease, disorder, deformity, or injury by any system or method. Further, anytime […]

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Alex Thiersch and Renee Coover Speak at the AmSpa Boot Camp in Chicago, Illinois

Alex R. Thiersch and Renee E. Coover will present at the AmSpa Boot Camp in Chicago, Illinois on May 4 –5, 2019. The Boot Camp covers important legal considerations anyone opening or running a medical spa should understand. The legal presentation, entitled “The Law,” will cover topics including an overview of regional rules and regulations […]

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ByrdAdatto would like to wish you and yours a Happy Valentine’s Day! When celebrating this day, we hope you enjoy those around you, some delicious chocolates, and beautiful flowers – but not necessarily in that order.

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