Thank You, Veterans

In observance of Veterans Day 2020, ByrdAdatto would like to extend our utmost appreciation to all who have served in the United States Armed Forces. We specifically want to thank our own veteran, Jim Stanford, for his service to our country. Veterans Day was originally called Armistice Day, which commemorated the end of fighting in World […]

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Legal 123s with ByrdAdatto (The Mulligan Year – Rethinking Your Business in 2020 with Robin Pou)

This season we have had the opportunity to speak with some incredible business leaders. Today’s guest is not only an incredible leader but also works with leaders to help them reach their full potential. In this episode, Chief Advisor & Strategist Robin Pou joins us to share the career stops and influences that led him […]

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Super Lawyers: By Subscription- How ByrdAdatto Is Replacing Traditional Billing With a Spotify-Esque System

ByrdAdatto’s billing is simple and transparent. Our platforms are designed to eliminate two traditional flaws in law firm billing – unpredictable bills to the clients and unclear payment expectations for the clients. Consider a smarter, easier and more innovative way to access legal services — Access+.   ByrdAdatto built its Access+ membership plan to create […]

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Back to the Basics: Preparing for Financial Success

This article was originally published on the Access+ portal for ByrdAdatto Access+ members.   Enjoy this free access to learn more about the importance of preparing for financial success. ByrdAdatto is grateful to have this article contribution from guest author Jessica Nunn, Founding Partner with Skytale Group. This article does not express the opinions of ByrdAdatto […]

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BAntering with ByrdAdatto- Do We Need a Letter of Intent Prior to the Contract?

A Letter of Intent (LOI) serves as a prearrangement between parties noting key terms of the deal. In this episode, attorney Robert Fisher joins us to share insights on whether a Letter of Intent is required prior to drafting a contract.     This video is part of a mini-series where we answer frequently asked […]

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Legal 123s with ByrdAdatto (X-Ray Vision with Tim Sawyer)

Guest Tim Sawyer, President and Co-Founder of Crystal Clear Digital Marketing, is no stranger to the world of startups. As a two time Inc. 500 Entrepreneur, Tim knows what it takes to build a successful business from the ground up. In this episode Tim walks us through his career stops and the influences that led […]

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