Medical Spa Industry Statistics are Here

What is a medical spa? It’s important to recognize that the medical spa industry has become an industry unto itself that needs its own definition, its own resources, and its own data. It can no longer be considered a subset of plastic surgery or cosmetic dermatology, especially because more than 70% of the doctors in […]

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123s of IV Therapy Providers

Intravenous (“IV”) therapy has been around in hospitals and medical practices for decades as a means to quickly provide an infusion of fluids and medicines to patients.  However, with the growth of aesthetic facilities, like medical spas (“MedSpas”), more business are attempting to offer quick, alternative ways of improving an individual’s health, look and feel […]

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Brad Adatto and Jay Reyero Speak to CPAs at a Taxation and Business Planning Conference

On Wednesday, July 26, 2017, Brad Adatto and Jay Reyero spoke to CPAs as part of a Taxation and Business Planning Conference.  Brad spoke first on Entity Creation & Structure Pitfalls, followed by Jay on Compensation Models for Professional Services Businesses. Brad’s presentation provided an overview of the many considerations that go into selecting the […]

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ByrdAdatto Celebrates Allison Shipley and Morgan Gire’s Birthdays

ByrdAdatto surprised Allison and Morgan on Monday morning with a container full of donuts. A great way to celebrate a birthday, and start a Monday. Join us in wishing them a very happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday Kristin!

Today ByrdAdatto celebrated our administrative assistant Kristin Thomasson’s 21st birthday by surprising her with breakfast tacos!  Join us in wishing Kristin a very happy birthday!

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U.S. Charges more than 400 Medical Professionals in Largest Health Care Fraud Takedown

In what is being called the largest health care fraud enforcement operation in U.S. history, U.S. Attorney General Attorney Jeff Sessions and federal authorities are charging 412 medical professionals across 20 states with $1.3 billion in fraudulent transactions. At least 120 people were charged for their alleged roles in overprescribing and distributing opioids, making it also the largest-ever opioid-related […]

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