ByrdAdatto Featured in Texas Lawbook

The Texas Lawbook, a publication focused on business lawyers in Texas, published an article about ByrdAdatto.  Brooks Igo, the author of the article, highlights our boutique national business and health care practice.  The article captures the energy and success of ByrdAdatto.  Mr. Igo includes quotes from long time friends and clients, Dr. Richard Ha and […]

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The HITECH Expansion of HIPAA

The expansion of HIPPA sets requirements for information you can share with CPAs, attorneys and consultants. Are you compliant?

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The Rising Sun…shine Act.

The Sunshine Act creates one more area of reporting and compliance for physicians and group practices.

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Forming A Series LLC: Worth It?

Yes, you can save filing fees by including multiple related businesses under a single Series LLC. But is it in your best interests?

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PODS: The Government Is Watching.

The federal government is scrutinizing Physician Owned Entities more carefully than ever for fraud and abuse.

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Obamacare In 3… 2…

Obamacare has passed, but the regulations that will roll out from it are still being formed. Make sure your practice is positioned to succeed in this new environment.

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