Rules to Play by in the Empire State’s Name Game: New York’s Stringent Guidelines for Naming Medical Practices

Choosing a name for a business is never just a roll of the dice. It’s a consideration that takes the long game into account. For plastic surgery practices or medical spas, a name may convey health, youth, beauty, or sophistication. Other practices may want to brand around the physician or owner name. No matter the […]

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BAntering with ByrdAdatto (Getting the Most Out of Your Legal Fees)

Many businesses utilize legal counsel as a last resort rather than as a proactive tool to further their success. This often results in high legal fees. In this episode, partner Michael Byrd shares how you can get the most out of your legal fees with our Access+ program. You can read Michael’s article on the […]

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BAntering with ByrdAdatto- Does the CDC have authority over medical practices?

The CDC has issued guidelines for businesses reopening amid the pandemic, but does the CDC have jurisdiction over medical practices? In this episode, Brad and Michael share insights on who has authority over medical practices and how the guidelines apply to these practices. This video is part of a mini-series where we answer frequently asked […]

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BAntering with ByrdAdatto– Do I have to close my practice when an employee tests positive for COVID-19?

It is important for medical providers to have practices in place to prevent COVID from entering their facility, but what happens when an employee tests positive for the coronavirus? In this episode, Brad and Michael answer a frequently asked question: Do I need to shut down my medical practice if an employee tested positive for […]

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Legal 123s with ByrdAdatto (Episode 4- Special: A Famous Doctor’s Experience with COVID-19)

In this special episode of the Legal 123s with ByrdAdatto, Brad and Michael are joined by friend and client Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, a celebrity cosmetic dermatologist. After battling COVID for almost two weeks, Dr. Frank used his platform to document his recovery and to educate others on the virus. Listen to the episode for […]

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BAntering with ByrdAdatto (Episode 69- Performing Good Faith Exams via Telemedicine)

Many practitioners are utilizing telemedicine to visit with their patients in response to the pandemic. Attorney Sam Pondrom shares a recommendation for practices conducting good faith exams via telemedicine. To learn more about good faith exams, read Sam’s article here. At ByrdAdatto we are working hard to ensure our clients are well equipped and ready […]

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