Get It In Writing – Physician Employment Agreements

Contracts matter. While the cinematic version of a napkin-negotiated salary ends in a handshake, the reality is that a signature on a legally binding document offers a happier finale. As we transition out of shelter-in-place and prepare to resume our pre-pandemic lives, we explore here the basic principles for a physician employment agreement.  The purpose […]

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Alert: COVID-19 Tips by ByrdAdatto (Episode 32- Update on Reopening of Elective Medical Practices in Texas)

In this episode, Brad Adatto and Michael Byrd to share the breaking news that Texas has developed the process to reopen the State.  This includes allowing elective medical procedures to start May 1. At ByrdAdatto we are working hard to ensure our clients are well equipped and ready for what is to come. Should you […]

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Alert: COVID-19 Tips by ByrdAdatto (Episode 30 – Your Personal Finances: Part Three With David Mandell, JD, MBA)

In this episode, ByrdAdatto welcomes back special guest, David Mandell, JD, MBA of the OJM Group for the final part of a three part series on personal finances during COVID-19. As government funding continues to flow in and uncertainty of markets waivers day-to-day, it is important to review personal finances. David outlines five actions one […]

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Alert: COVID-19 Tips by ByrdAdatto (Episode 28- Stark and Anti-Kickback Waivers)

In this episode, Michael Byrd and Brad Adatto discuss updates to the Stark and Anti-Kickback Law with the new waivers with Jay Reyero. Although many exceptions and waivers to healthcare practices and businesses have been implemented during the COVID-19 outbreak, it is important to remember that not all of these changes apply to every facility […]

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Alert: COVID-19 Tips by ByrdAdatto (Episode 26 – Medical Practice Restrictions – Texas Update )

As the COVID-19 virus continues to impact the U.S., the state and local governments’ responses continue to evolve and expand.  As state’s like Texas start to ease the elective practice restrictions, understanding the new rules is extremely important, and medical providers should cautiously step back into their medical offices and the ORs.  In this video, […]

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Alert: COVID-19 Tips by ByrdAdatto (Episode 24- Crisis Communications with Jeff Russell)

In this episode, Jeff Russell, President of Godwin marketing shares how to respond during a crisis such as COVID-19. Whether you run a healthcare practice, a small business, or large corporation, communication is key during uncertain times such as these. Michael Byrd and Brad Adatto discuss with Jeff four tactics to communicate effectively with your […]

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