123s of Telemedicine

Telemedicine is gaining popularity and acceptance across the states. Some of the benefits of telemedicine include easing healthcare access to patients in remote and underserved areas, increasing cost-effectiveness, efficiently delivering healthcare service, and broadening the opportunity to receive secondary opinions.  Telemedicine, in a nutshell, is the provision of health care services using telecommunication means by […]

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Is HIPAA the Patient Privacy Standard of Care?

Anyone working in the health care industry is intimately familiar with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, better known as “HIPAA.” Generally, the purpose of HIPAA is to establish minimum federal standards for protecting the privacy of protected health information (“PHI”). While it is widely understood that health plans, healthcare clearinghouses, and […]

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Alert: Medical Board of California Issues Warning on Hair Restoration Technicians

The Medical Board of California (MBC) warns physicians against using unlicensed persons for hair transplant procedures in the summer issue of their newsletter.  The issue is available here with the article appearing on page 12.  It states that the MBC has become aware of many physicians or clinics that are employing trained but unlicensed persons, […]

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Sam Pondrom to Present on Social Media Consents and Disclosures in Med Spas via Webinar

On Wednesday, September 11, 2019, Sam Pondrom will present on Social Media Consents and Disclosures – How to Protect Your Med Spa in a Social World via webinar for the American Med Spa Association (“AmSpa”). The one-hour webinar will discuss some of the common issues med spas face when using social media as part of […]

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Can I Reward My MedSpa Patients for Referring a Friend?

We receive numerous questions each week from providers, medical spas, wellness counselors, and other businesses in the aesthetic space. These questions range from entity structuring to employee disputes to lease negotiations, but questions relating to patient reward programs for referring friends are among the most frequent.   Patient referral rewards come with multiple overlapping layers […]

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Alex Thiersch and Brad Adatto to Speak at AmSpa Boot Camp in Dallas

Alex R. Thiersch and Bradford E. Adatto will present at the AmSpa Boot Camp in Dallas, Texas on September 14 – 15, 2019. The boot camp covers important legal considerations anyone opening or running a medical spa should understand. The presentation, entitled “The Law,” will cover topics including an overview of rules and regulations affecting […]

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