Jay Reyero Speaks to Texas Doctors

On September 25, 2015, Jay D. Reyero lectured to doctors at the 2015 Annual Meeting for the Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons.  Presenting during the “Stopping Embezzlement in Your Practice” panel, Mr. Reyero focused on the issues encountered by practices when attempting to protect valuable information.

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Who Has Ownership of Your Intellectual Property?

A startup company with an e-commerce platform as its sole intended business engine hires a software developer to develop the company’s online platform and related functionalities. The parties have a friendly and informal relationship and never enter into a written agreement detailing the terms of the arrangement. The developer creates and enhances the platform for […]

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Michael Byrd Lectures on HIPAA

Michael Byrd presented a webinar to doctors and healthcare businesses across the Unites States on the implications of HIPAA. Michael addressed the developments in HIPAA compliance in conjunction with healthcare reform, the steps to becoming HIPAA compliant, and risks associated with audits and enforcement. Michael also discussed implications of state patient privacy laws and risks […]

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Bradford Adatto Speaks on the Business of Medicine

Bradford E. Adatto spoke on legal issues relating to the business of medicine on March 4, 2015 to the Methodist Charlton, Family Medicine Residency Program.  The topic was on Legal 101: Preparing for Employment.  The presentation covered key components to employment contracts, the due diligence required on the doctor’s behalf and real world examples. For […]

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Be Careful with Online Keyword Advertising

Considering Using Your Competitor’s Name in Online Keyword Advertising? You May Want to Reconsider. Virtually every business today has an online presence of some sort. For many businesses, the internet is a significant resource for marketing with keyword advertising serving as a valuable tool for getting noticed first and ultimately driving customers to their websites. […]

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Dude, Where’s My iPad?

Modern devices can create a wealth of efficiencies in your practice – but also open up potential liabilities.

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