123’s of Corporations

Starting a business can be an incredibly exciting time, but can also bring unknown risks. It is critical to separate the potential business liability from your personal liability. The way to accomplish this is to choose one of the various entity formations that provide limited liability to the owners of the business. The tried and […]

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Hospital Employment of Physicians Skyrockets

A report was recently issued by Avalere Health, a healthcare consulting firm, and the not-for-profit Physicians Advocacy Institute regarding physician employment statistics for hospitals. The data shows that private practices owned by hospitals jumped from 36,000 in 2012 to 61,000 in 2015. This large increase in ownership helps explain why physicians employed by hospitals jumped […]

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Don’t Mess with Texas – Selling a Medical Practice To Non-Physicians is not as easy as 1, 2, 3

On June 16, 2016 the Minneapolis Star Tribune published an article about a Minnesota medical anesthesia practice selling to a Florida entity.  The article reports that many doctors are selling their practices to national companies because of new healthcare laws, payor mix, and overall struggles in running a private practice.   Physicians that are entertaining […]

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Two Reasons Physician Private Practices Won’t Die

The growth of hospital employment of physicians and acquisition of physician practices since the passage of the Affordable Care Act is palpable. Whether reviewing articles citing to the statistics on doctors joining hospital straight out of school or, as a lawyer, seeing the number of practice acquisitions, the shifting dynamics for the practice of medicine […]

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Bradford Adatto Interviewed by Ambulatory M&A Advisor

Bradford Adatto was recently interviewed by Richard Romero, in an article titled Knowing When to Bow Out: Planning The Exit, published in the Ambulatory M&A Advisor.  As the article indicates, knowing when and how to exit a business properly is vital.  It is imperative that a business exit strategy not be planned overnight.  For more […]

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Big Brother is Watching: Changes in Dental Support Organizations

Dental Support Organizations (DSOs), also referred to as corporate dentistry, are businesses typically owned by non-dentists that provide management services to dental practices. Specifically, DSOs contract with dentists to provide business services such as payroll, leasing, staffing, and a handful of other necessary services to run a practice. Corporate dentistry, though a prominent player in […]

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