Renee Coover to speak at DePaul College of Law Jaharis Health Law Institute about the legalities of medical aesthetics

Bradford E. Adatto | 9.27.18


Renee Coover has been asked to lecture law students, professors and other attorneys at her alma mater, DePaul College of Law.

Renee will be presenting on September 27, 2018, as part of the Jaharis Health Law Institute’s lecture series at DePaul.

The lecture will focus on the laws and regulations affecting the medical spa industry, taking a closer look at the issues surrounding ownership, delegation and supervision of medical treatments, and fee-splitting between physicians and non-physicians. The discussion will also touch on the intersection of HIPAA, OSHA, the FDA, and state laws regulating the various aspects of providing medical services in an aesthetic setting.

If you have questions regarding legal or regulatory matters concerning medical aesthetics and the medical spa industry, please contact Renee Coover at