“Rogue Medical Spas” Highlighted on the Dr. Oz Show

Alex R. Thiersch | 6.1.18


This past week on the Dr. Oz show, their report was compelling and has potentially serious consequences for the industry. If you are a medical spa owner, I urge you to find 15 minutes to watch the segment.

As you know, there are unfortunately bad actors in this industry. There are also many medical spas that unwittingly do not comply with applicable law. ByrdAdatto works every day to help medical spas become safer by obtaining and maintaining compliance. This is no small task, as the rules and regulations that exist can be hard to find, vague, and not regularly enforced. We greatly value our clients and their goals to operate compliantly and legally.

It is true that the outcomes mentioned in the segment are extraordinary and the procedures were performed by inexperienced, unqualified practitioners, often under plainly illegal circumstances.  The undercover investigation demonstrates that there are many med spas out there who don’t follow the rules, operate with impunity, value revenue over client safety, and make claims that are illegal in nearly every state. Along with AmSpa, ByrdAdatto is working to make sure these dangerous “medical spas” do not become the face of this industry. This industry is run predominately by seasoned, educated, and trained practitioners who do an incredible job of treating patients with care.


If you have any question regarding medical spa regulatory compliance, please contact Alex Thiersch at athierch@americanmedspa.org or ByrdAdatto at info@byrdadatto.com.