Michael Byrd and Brad Adatto Speak at Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons

Jay D. Reyero | 9.15.16

Byrd Adatto TSPS

On Saturday, September 10, 2016 Michael Byrd and Brad Adatto spoke at the Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons 2016 Annual Meeting. They gave two speeches; the first focused on strategies to address decreasing reimbursements. Specifically, Michael and Brad discussed operational billing and collection strategies, out-of-network strategies, medical spas as ancillary revenue sources, and hospital employment. Their second speech focused on major risk areas in the business of medicine. The areas they focused on included business “divorces” between partners, reputation management, independent contractor misclassification issues, and health care regulatory risks. For more information on reputation management, see Jay Reyero’s Banter piece Roadblock to Reputation Management?, which discusses a recent Texas case and how it potentially impacts this area for physicians.


For more information on reputation management, or any of the above-mentioned topics, contact Michael Byrd at mbyrd@byrdadatto.com, or (214) 291-3202, or Brad Adatto at badatto@byrdadatto.com, or (214) 291-3201.