How We Charge

ByrdAdatto’s billing is simple and transparent.

Our platforms are designed to eliminate two traditional flaws in law firm billing – unpredictable bills to the clients and unclear payment expectations for the clients. ByrdAdatto has two billing platforms: (1) Access+ monthly retainer and (2) project based.

Consider a smarter, easier and more innovative way to access legal services — Access+.

The business of health care and even other business sectors now mandate a compliance culture. The global pandemic adds pressure to this notion. Many concentrate on stopping the financial bleeding created by COVID-19 and lose sight of this compliance culture.

As with any economic downturn, there will be winners and losers when normalcy resumes. Some businesses will be knocked out by the pandemic itself. Others will be eliminated by failing to keep an eye on compliance. Imagine surviving the initial closure of your business to then be blindsided by the consequences of COVID-19 making its way into your business.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs try to tackle compliance alone. Instead of seeking wise counsel and facing unknown legal fees, these business owners become lone wolves facing legal challenges in a time when they most need a wolf pack. During a crisis, it’s hard to plan for the future, let alone the next month, but picture how different things would be for your business if you had a team to guide you through both the good times and the challenging times.

ByrdAdatto built its Access+ membership plan to create access to sophisticated business and compliance legal services desperately needed by small businesses. In a time where legal counsel is needed more than ever before, we have been able to provide our Access+ members with helpful information and advice to navigate the current environment.
However, Access+ inadvertently solved a larger problem, as the predictable monthly membership fee has been a lifeline of certainty in the chaos of a global pandemic.

Access+ provides you unlimited phone and email access to ByrdAdatto, giving you feedback on legal concerns as they arise. Access+ integrates legal counsel into your advisory team, while limiting costs to a predictable monthly fee. With various levels of coverage, you can get the access that is in line with your budget—and gain your own legal department.

Download our Access+ Scope of Services

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ByrdAdatto is committed to helping you harness your legal team as a strategic asset.  For more information, or to discuss which plan is right for you, contact us today at

Access+ has been featured in the 2020 Texas Super Lawyer Magazine. You can read the full article here.

Project based pay as you go billing.

Our project based billing follows a simple process. ByrdAdatto will determine the scope of work and cost. This will be communicated to our client for approval. Upon approval by our client, payment is made and ByrdAdatto starts the project. If there are issues that arise outside the scope of services, those will either be billed as additional fixed fee project work or on an hourly basis. Communication is the backbone to this platform. This platform works well for projects that are easily definable.


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