How We Charge

ByrdAdatto’s billing is simple and transparent.

Our platforms are designed to eliminate two traditional flaws in law firm billing – unpredictable bills to the clients and unclear payment expectations for the clients. ByrdAdatto has three billing platforms: (1) Access+ monthly retainer; (2) project based, pay as you go billing; and (3) traditional hourly billing.

Consider a smarter, easier and more innovative way to access legal services — Access+.

Many business owners use legal counsel as a last resort, rather than as a proactive tool that can further their success. The reasons vary: sometimes it’s a matter of not knowing who or when to call, or the uncertainty of whether legal counsel is needed. And the unpredictable costs associated with traditional hourly billing is often daunting.

Access+ provides you unlimited phone and email access to ByrdAdatto, giving you feedback on legal concerns as they arise. Access+ integrates legal counsel into your advisory team, while limiting costs to a predictable monthly fee. With various levels of coverage, you can get the access that is in line with your budget—and gain your own legal department.

ByrdAdatto is committed to helping you harness your legal team as a strategic asset.  For more information, or to discuss which plan is right for you, contact us today at

Download our Access+ Scope of Services

Project based pay as you go billing.

Our project based billing follows a simple process. ByrdAdatto will determine the scope of work and cost. This will be communicated to our client for approval. Upon approval by our client, payment is made and ByrdAdatto starts the project. If there are issues that arise outside the scope of services, those will either be billed as additional fixed fee project work or on an hourly basis. Communication is the backbone to this platform. This platform works well for projects that are easily definable.

Traditional hourly billing.

While we believe there are flaws to the traditional hourly billing model, there are occasions where this platform remains the most viable. Our clients who desire the traditional hourly billing model will experience it with some refreshing twists. Our passion for active communication on scope of work and costs remains a priority under this model. Our hope is to minimize surprises when the invoice is sent. Payment is secured through a combination of upfront payment and an automated payment process where invoices are set up to be paid by ACH 5 business days after delivery. This platform works for high volume clients or open ended projects. This platform is not offered for smaller scale projects.


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